10 Traits of Humility {A self examination}

“The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, and before honour is humility.” Proverbs 15:33

Who doesn’t want to be in the place of honour? To be looked up to, regarded as wise, respected, loved, seen as valuable and so on.

There are so many great paradoxes within scripture. I think this is one of them. The more we long for honour, the more prideful we become. Honour cannot be the objective. It becomes evident that we are not seeking wisdom, but honour, and consequently (and contrarily) we reap humility.

When we are least concerned about honour, when our eyes are on the Lord, and we seek wisdom with all our heart, often honour follows.

Interestingly, honour is not something that can ever be forced or self proclaimed. To do so would cause word and action to contradict one another. One who proclaims his own honour is actually manifesting the opposite- his pride and folly. The result is shame and humility – the complete opposite of honour. Honour is something the Lord gives, and in due time. It is His prerogative.

But we do know this- before honour comes humility.

So, what exactly does this humility look like?

Humility has many faces (or traits). So, what are some of these faces? What does humility look like?

10 Faces (traits) of Humility

  1. Humility realizes that she doesn’t own the answers to all questions.

  2. Humility seeks knowledge, and seeks answers (within God’s will).

  3. Humility understands her personal depravity and is ready to acknowledge and repent of her sin.

  4. Humility sees that her way is not the only way. Humility seeks righteousness rather than being right (honour).

  5. Humility makes mistakes, and learns from them. That is, she falls, but gets back up.

  6. Humility’s objective is the fear of the Lord- and that is by wisdom.

  7. Humility is dependent upon God, and acknowledges Him in all her ways.

  8. Humility welcomes vulnerability.

  9. Humility seeks the good of others.

  10. Humility understands her only worth is due to Christ’s work on her behalf.

(These are 10 faces of humility I thought of. If you have more to add, please do so in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!)

Are these some of the traits evident in your life? If so, wonderful! As we seek wisdom, we cultivate a spirit of humility within ourselves. They are part of what characterize one who is seeking the Lord, and trusting Him with the honour part.

Happy Wednesday!

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