6 Ways to Encourage Your Sick or Chronically Ill Friend (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 we we discussed how important it is to

  1. stay connected
  2. adapt to your friends situation and,
  3. pray for her faithfully, and let her know

This is part 2, and we have 3 more ideas to cover. Let’s get started!

4. Ask questions

I almost want to start this one off with a disclaimer. That is, yes, ask questions, but make sure they are sincere.

Learn about the adversity she is facing, and how it effects her daily. This not only shows her you care, but also is a great resource for your intercessory prayer on her behalf.

Everyone is different, but I wouldn’t think it to be out-of-line to ask how her trial is effecting her emotionally as well. This will also help you to know how to encourage her.

5. If possible, help lift the burden

This may or may not be possible, depending on your own ability and schedule. Some ideas on how to help lift her burden could be as follows: bringing a meal, investing in her kids or sharing good resources such as a book or movie together.

6. Share Scripture

There is no “magic” verse. Just share scripture that God used to encourage you that day.

This is especially applicable if your friend is bedridden and is unable to be alert for long periods of time, or if her pain level is high and focusing on her daily walk is a challenge.

While I was in the hospital, I had a dear friend who texted me every day with new scripture verses. Sometimes she didn’t write much more than that. Her ministry to me was exactly what I needed during that season.


I hope at least one of these 6 options will fit perfectly for your situation, and be catalyst toward blessing and encouragement for both you and your friend.

Really, the idea is to stay involved as a friend in her life. Maybe you’re waiting for that opportunity to do the more extravagant- such as making a meal, or cleaning her house. However, all she needs is the affirmation that you care, and haven’t forgotten her. In this sense, little really is more, and it goes a long way. I promise!

What about you? please share some ideas you have that I have not covered. I would love to hear from you!

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