The King’s Heart and God’s Sovereignty


I love this verse. It is a tangible expression of the sovereignty of God- and great stimulus toward intercessory prayer.

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. He moves it as He pleases.

I love history. One of the eras I have really enjoyed studying is the Tudor era. An era where kings and queens reigned supreme. An era where people understood the power that was implied by the word, “king”. The royal office was greatly feared, and even ’til this day, power and sovereignty are implicated with the word king. Submission to the monarch was of utmost importance for the preservation of ones life.

Because we live in a context where the monarchy is no longer a feared and temporally sovereign office, I think it can be easy to lose the significance of this verse.

This verse, however, holds the same significance now as it did in the days of the monarchy.

If the kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, we can be assured that each of our heart is also in His hand, and He will direct it as He pleases.

Our boss, spouse, child, parent, sibling, prime-minster and so on.

The decisions of others can affect us greatly, but it’s okay, because those decisions are in His hand. Not one person, not one decision can escape His hand and sovereign will.


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