Are you Guarding Your Heart from Cowardice? {Proverbs Ponderings}


Proverbs 29:25
a. The fear of man brings a snare
b. but whoso puts his trust in the Lord shall be safe.

The fear of man, the longing for ones acceptance, approval, and love brings great danger to our soul. The bible says it brings a trap. If our value on any one relationship, apart from Christ, is too high, we will most certainly find ourselves trapped at some point.

Morally speaking, we will not only be tempted, but will succumb to compromise of principle and integrity when we regard the opinion and relationship of man higher than we ought. This is a snare we can all fall prey to if we do not walk circumspectly.

At times, we will have to choose between man’s (a dear friend, or perhaps even family: a mother, a sister, a brother, even your own child or spouse) approval and love or principle and integrity of character. None of us are above this weakness. None of us want to let a cherished friend down. None of us want to lose a valued friendship.

However, there is safety. We can protect our heart from such acts of cowardice. Part b of this verse offers us the path of safety, a prevention plan, if you will.

Whoso puts his trust in the Lord will be safe.

Our trust in the Lord is our defence against a wandering, deceived and cowardice heart.

Nothing within ourselves provides any assurance to moral safety, but everything in Him does.

Safety from moral decline and compromised integrity lies entirely in our uncompromised trust in the Lord, come what may.

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