Perceiving Beauty in the Little Things


I don’t remember ever seeing such beauty in life. The little moments that string together to form each day are filled with wonder. In our busyness though, we trample that wonder in exchange for what we like to call productivity. Can productivity come with minimal activity though? I say yes. And, today God gifted me with the priceless treasure of contentment and awe.

Busyness has always been a friend to me. Or, at least so I thought. Because, somehow busyness equaled productivity. A moment of rest also equaled a moment of guilt. Guilt swallows up a restful moment, devouring it’s beauty and creating ugliness instead. So, restful moments filled with ponderings of God’s marvellous creation were rare moments.

In my own determined path, the wonders I would behold are the great ones. Yes! Adventure, travel, excitement. New tastes, cultures, horizons and magnificent wonders like the great pyramids, Grand Canyon, Golden Sphinx, Neuschwanstein Castle and so on. I’ve always dreamed of such adventures, such wonders. Surely if something is either ancient, huge, or far away it’s going to be awe-some. Probably true that those sites are pretty awesome, but, equally as awesome is each petal of a pansy or wild rose. And, the colourful flowers that bloom when herbs go to seed. Have you ever pulled those little purple flowers apart at the end of a chive? Well, they are dozens of tiny purple flowers that kind of resemble a blue bell. It’s magnificent!

Today I watched as one of our kittens stocked a fly with great stealth. His eye was intent on catching this play-thing, whatever it was. His mission was failed because his clumsy perception landed his bounce about a millimetre off from his prey, and that fly took off with great relief I supposed. The kids and I watched with pleasure and many giggles. Hopefully his hunting skills will improve, resulting in a decline in the mouse population around here. Aside from amusing his masters, that is his intended purpose here.

A taste for adventure is what my kids have too, I think. I determined this while on a walk down our country road. We kept our voices down, and our ears alert. No ribbit, croak, tweet, quack or cock-a-doodle-doo was going to escape our notice, and impending hunt. Finding and then stocking creatures, it’s one of our favourite pass-times. We were about 200 meters away from home I’d say, when my three year old daughter began to pick up her pace. Turning around she told me, “Mom, let me know when we are far, far away from home, okay?”. Yes! She was in for adventure, and far, far away from home was part of what made it so appealing to her.

It was about this same time, while I watched her enjoying life’s simplicity, curls bouncing and eyes aglow with curiosity and pleasure, that I realized how blessed I am for the simple moments. We are creating memories, sure. But, even better, we are enjoying creating them.

Yesterday is done, and tomorrow may or may not come. Today though, this very moment, is precious and it is worth my full attention.

I pondered the change in my heart, my new “ability” in seeing wonder in the simple, and I couldn’t escape the emotions that surged through my heart as I acknowledged God’s incredible wisdom. Seasons of sorrow and pain give us brighter perception. Pain enhances beauty.

Blessings to you, sweet friends, as you also enjoy your summer days with those you love.

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