Hope. Victory. All Wrapped Up in This Word…

God didn’t send Jesus to condemn anyone. Man was already condemned. He lifted the veil from self-righteousness which leads to eternal condemnation. He functioned as not only the one who warns of impending doom, but also the one who provides salvation from that doom. He came to rescue that which was already perishing.

He that believes not is already condemned. Why? Because he has not believed in Christ, the one and only way to salvation and life.

The effects of sin are devastating, they can only reap death. Since the fall, man has been condemned in his sin. The natural procession of sin is death. The bible calls it the wage of sin. It is the natural consequence, and nothing in nature can stop it’s force and consummation.

Man. is. condemned.

Man. is. hopeless.

Man needs a miracle.

This was, and always will be the greatest problem known to man: sin.

Yet, even for our most impregnable problem, a problem that we have no tools or abilities to solve, we are given hope. That hope is provided and accomplished entirely through the person of Christ.

In this passage, it does not say, “He that has not sin is not condemned.” It is a true statement, but apart from knowing all that Christ provides, this statement provides no hope.

Instead, the passage reads, “He that believes on Him is not condemned”.

This reads: hope. Victory.

I am not capable of absolving my sin debt, but I am capable of belief.

God never requires that which we are incapable to accomplish. He could. That would be His prerogative. But, He doesn’t. He gives mercy, and He gives hope.

When we face seemingly insurmountable problems and adversities in life, and we simply cannot see or imagine hope ahead- take heart. Just as God prepared the answer, before we were even aware of the problem, in our salvation, so He does in all of our life’s “insurmountable” problems. And, no problem in our earthly life can compare in magnitude to that which our inherited disease of sin entailed.

He that believes is not condemned, but he that believes not is condemned.

Our salvation and victory are simultaneously accomplished in this one word: Faith.

Our object of belief has the power to absolve our guilt and abolish universal sin.

It is the same object, with this same power that offers hope, victory and peace within our circumstance- no matter how hopeless we may feel.

Our victory and hope, again, are tied up in that one word:

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