Humility Always Precedes Honour

“A mans pride shall bring him low:
but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.” Proverbs 29:23

One who exalts herself will be made low. Her self-exaltation is the vehicle that humbles her or, “brings [her] low.”

When one is placed in a humiliating situation, her response becomes the determining factor of the accuracy of her placement. When she responds in a self-exalting manner and behaves pridefully, contrary to her efforts she actually affirms the accuracy of her diagnosed placement.


the humble in spirit understand that the only position she hasn’t earned is that of honour. She understands that when she is given a place of honour it is a gift of God’s grace, and an expression of His mercy (in not rewarding her according to her sin-merited humility).

Honour is not something we earn. We aren’t even capable of our own salvation. Without Christ, we are hopeless and completely inadequate.

Honor, when it is given, is always unmerited. The humble understand this.

In fact, when God chooses to honour the humble, she feels even more humbled. She has a true understanding of the great and awesome God who just stooped down to her insignificant self and, in His kindness, bestowed the precious gift of significance. Leaving her simultaneously humbled and honoured.

If one can’t handle having those both together, she can be sure that she is not ready to steward the gift and responsibility that come with honour.

The irony of honour and humility can be somewhat mysterious…


we do know this,

humility always comes before honour.

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