I, Galileo (picture book review)

I, Galileo 

picture book
recommended age: 5 and up

As the title suggests, this book is written as if it were in first person. It is a great introduction to the person, discoveries, and inventions of Galileo. Some consider Galileo to be the father of modern day science, and for good reason.

His passion for the heavens lead to such discoveries (or as it was in some cases- the affirmation of previous discoveries) as a heliocentric universe as opposed to the idea of a geocentric universe. He created even more controversy by challenging one of Aristotle’s law of physics regarding gravity. The compass, microscope, and telescope  are to name just a few of his phenomenal inventions which later opened the door to so much more exploration and discoveries.

Galileo’s fate, however, was not as exciting as all the rest. Unfortunately, his discoveries were, at the time, extremely controversial. In fact, they were deemed heretical. Upon the publishing of one of his very popular works involving the affirmation of a heliocentric universe, he was summoned to Rome where he learned this fate.

For Discussion

This book leaves room for plenty of discussion. Geography, philosophy, worldview, scientific discovery, and more.

Galileo’s “adventures” will take you to several locations within Italy.

We enjoyed some discussion that looked like this:

Just because a belief is culturally accepted or popular, it doesn’t mean it’s true. It is a good challenge to be discerning, and be unafraid to learn and discover new, and even controversial things.

In Galileo’s day, people felt uneasy, and even threatened by new discoveries. Their worldview made them unable to accept truth even when that truth was proved before their eyes. They didn’t have the tools of discernment.

Galileo had an amazing mind, and a passion for science and discovery. Though he experienced much rejection, he wasn’t defeated. He persevered. He was shamed and humiliated in his day. Who would have known that he would hold such a place of honour as he does today? Good reminder of the brevity and insignificance of human opinion. No one can stop the purpose of God- and God chose to use Galileo to reveal amazing truths about our universe that have changed the world, and science as we know it today.

Happy reading!

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