Keep Calm and Blog {why I started this blog}


I have wanted to make a blog for some time now. The problem was that I didn’t have the time. So, what changed?

Oh! so.many.things.

a year and a half ago I lived in another country, learning another language, culture and lifestyle. I was still homeschooling, and I was definitely passionate about the home. But, no time (or energy for that matter!). I seized other opportunities. I love learning, and there were a plethora of learning opportunities. Oh! Even for the most curious, there were simply too many! I got to learn a new language, culture, lifestyle (cooking, shopping, living), customs and so.much.more. Oh, and this was all kind of… mandatory.

One of the most precious things I got to learn was to lean on God when I was oh, so lonely. When the resources and the supports were just not there. I clung to God. He was, and really always will be, my only constant. Hence why scripture uses the word, “rock” to describe our God.

So, why start now? For reasons that I will not get into (mainly because it would mean a whole lot of first-blog-post) we returned to what was previously home, Canada. We initially planned to return overseas, but I became ill. We don’t know why I became so ill, and I am still not recovered. I cannot do the things I used to do. period.

If there is one thing I miss terribly, it is social interaction. I miss interacting with, and being around people. I miss practicing hospitality. I miss fellowship!

This is when the idea “popped” in my head. It went like this. BLOG! Because, when one door closes, another one opens. That is how God works.

Through much answered prayer -and providential guidance- it is with great enthusiasm that I am starting this blog. I look forward to the time that lies ahead of us as we enter this new journey together. I look forward to the development of new relationships, as well as all the learning experiences that lie ahead for both of us.

So, come along. Join me in this new adventure called This Pilgrimage.

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