When Less is more {What Counsel are You Seeking?}

“There are many devices in a man’s heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.” Prov 19:21

We live in an age of information. Most of us have it at our fingertips – or our thumbs, rather.

There are advantages to availing ourselves of this information. We can look up recipes to enhance a meal, we can look up directions to where we’re going, we can look up what an okapi looks like in homeschool, we can watch how-to videos on youtube and so on.

Sometimes though, less is more.

I remember sitting down to contemplate what to do next during a difficult season in child rearing. It seemed that none of my approaches or tactics (“devices”) were effective for the specific child who was presenting such rebellion in her heart. I had read a variety of parenting books, and not just any parenting books, but biblical ones. I hadn’t just read them, but I enthusiastically implemented many (if not all) of the suggested tactics that they presented. I was at wits-end.

I prayed, and God answered.

We often get so distracted by the amount of information we are presented that we forget our primary and fundamental source of information and counsel- the word of God.

Information certainly can be very useful, I will not deny that. In this case, however, the plethora of information and methods only caused confusion, tension and stress.

God does not intend for us to, “figure it out”. He intends for us to follow His counsel. Amazingly, the counsel God gives via His word is personally tailored- unlike any book we will read. How so, you ask? Because, when we have the Holy Spirit within us, He illumines our mind as we read His living Word. It is His prerogative as to the timing He illumines aspects of His word to us, thus tailoring it to our very needs, in the time of need.

So, when it comes to parenting, marriage, being an employee, dealing with a difficult relationship, financial stress and so on, let us remember, it is not the plethora of methods that will prove effective. It is, and always will be, the counsel of the Lord.

The counsel of the Lord, that will stand.

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