What Lens Do You Interpret Life Through?

All the days of the afflicted are evil.

This verse is not referring to the physically afflicted, or one perpetually experiencing uniquely difficult circumstances in life. Her interpretation of life is what makes her the afflicted. In her perspective, and through her lens on life, all her days are evil.

Today we may call such a person a pessimist. Her afflictions come from within, defined by her interpretation of life, circumstances and the tentative anxieties of tomorrow.

But she that is of a merry heart, she is constantly consuming what the Lord has providentially laid before her. When He closes a door, she waits, knowing He will open another one- giving her an opportunity to grow and thrive. She will seize that opportunity.

It is a continual feast to her. She wouldn’t dare turn her nose up to the provision of God, and gripe of those things which she has not.

She is continually satisfied and filled with goodness. She has learned, as Paul, the secret and joy of contentment in life, regardless of her circumstances. (More on contentment here)

What about you? Do you find yourself inclined to see evil in all the circumstances you face? Missing the doors God has opened for you.


Is your spirit inclined to feast and enjoy the open doors God has given you? Leaving you content, satisfied in God’s providential care of you.

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