8 Ways Reading Aloud Will Revolutionize Your Home {Flourishing at Home Series}

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I can safely speak for my children and I when I say that read-alouds are our favourite part of the day. It is a sweet and enjoyable time, and though it is wonderful that we enjoy this special time together, that isn’t the only reason why we do it. Over the years, I have seen so many benefits flow from this one practice. So, today I am sharing:

8 Reasons Every Home Should Read-Aloud

1. It Fosters Close Relationships and Bonding

We’ve made many beautiful memories and have grown so much together in our relationships during our read-aloud time. Partly because we are spending invaluable time together, and partly because of the excellent learning opportunities our discussion time provides. It also gives us plenty of opportunity to understand the way each other think and respond to a variety of circumstances. We learn each other, and develop in our understanding of each other.
(and, more on the discussion time at the end of this post)

2. It Teaches Children to Sit and Aids in the Development of Listening Skills

We start with shorter picture books when they are younger, and grow into longer chapter-book read-alouds as they grow (but, we still continue the picture books because their age appropriateness exceeds 100- as long as we do).
This time of reading together gives ample opportunity to teach children to sit and listen. They learn to develop in creating imaginatively. They learn simple and profitable ways to entertain themselves- both through ideas presented in stories (think: Roxaboxen– book review to come!), and through the pass time of reading itself.

Notice though, I didn’t say sit still. More on that in another post (wait for the post on fidget toys and busy hands and minds).

3. It’s a Great Way to Learn Writing Skills

Read-alouds provide so many excellent opportunities to learn new vocabulary, parts of speech, proper syntax, literary elements, expression of thought and more. They also aid in developing creativity and providing writing prompts for the young and not-as-young mind.

4. It’s a Fun Way to Learn History

Reading living history books is by far the most exciting way to learn about historic events, people, and figures (and… there will be a post coming on why learning history is so important).

 5. It’s a Fun Way to Learn About the World We Live in

We can learn a tonne about the countries (geography), customs, cultures, ideologies and philosophies that are a part of the world we live in. These make for so many good opportunities to discuss and learn.

 6. It Teaches a Love for Literature and for Knowledge

The more we read together, the more we love it. We have read in a variety of genres. Sure, we have our favourites, but we try to explore them all. One must first experience what he/she later grows to love.
Another thing I have learned is this: the more we learn, the more we whet our appetitive to learn more. Have you also noticed this? Learning becomes a fun adventure!

7. It Teaches Communication Skills

The more we read, the more we learn about language. The more we learn about language, the better we get at communicating. The better we get at communicating, the better equipped we are to grow in relationships. Amen?

8. Picture Books Teach an Appreciation for Art

We are huge fans of picture books. I have to be honest, if the illustrations stink, I’m not drawn to the book. Beautiful illustrations enhance the reading experience, and help develop a love for tasteful art.

These reasons alone are enough to stimulate the immediate implementation of reading aloud… aren’t they?

But… the best part is yet to come, and it all has to do with character development. I call it our discussion time. Next post is part two, and it’s all about that. How can we use discussion from reading aloud to teach character? Hmmm… Coming up in Part 2

Oh! Don’t leave yet, I’d love to know your thoughts on reading aloud, and how it has been a blessing in your home. Don’t leave without sharing what you’ve gleaned from read-alouds too. Please.

You can now check out part 2 by clicking on the following link, 5 Areas of Discussion to Help Cultivate Your Child’s Worldview.

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