Welcome to Audio Resources for your home. Here is where I will keep a list of audio resources we have found to be wonderful in our home. We are big fans of audio in our home. It is a wonderful resource for training and teaching children. I hope this is a help to you as you build your library with God honouring, educational and entertaining tools for your home.

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(This list contains affiliate links. This means that if you choose to purchase any of these items through the links provided, we make a small profit- at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our family, and This Pilgrimage)


The Classical Kid’s Series:

We have listened to almost all of these. (We have not yet listened to the Unicorn, Daydreams or Christmas ones). Not only do the kids absolutely love these, but even my husband and I enjoy them. They are not long, but they are audio theatre, and they are extremely well done.
They do a fabulous job of introducing children (or adults) to various composers in a fun and exciting way. They use the music throughout the story, and do a wonderful job developing a love for these masterful pieces and artists in the listener. I recommend them for use in homeschool, or as entertainment at home or while travelling.

Jonathan Park Series:

This has got to be one of the best series ever. My kids have listened to these over and over.
They are fascinating audio dramas with the goal of educating children in apologetics (the defence of the faith) through biblical truth and scientific evidence. These are probably my #1 audio resource item. I cannot tell you how many times my children have rebutted flawed science, or evolutionary theories with biblical scientific truths they have learned from their Jonathan Park audio. They have great educational value, but don’t be fooled, they are also super entertaining.

Series 1: Jonathan Park The Adventure Begins

Series 2: Jonathan Park No Looking Back

Series 3: Jonathan Park The Winds of Change

Series 4: Jonathan Park The Hunt for Beowulf

Series 5: Jonathan Park The Explorer’s Society

Series 6: Jonathan Park The Journey Never Taken

Series 7: Jonathan Park The Voyage Beyond

Series 8: Jonathan Park The Copper Scroll

Series 9: Jonathan Park The Whispering Sphinx

Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo

Jonathan Park Goes to the Galapagos: 50 Amazing Creatures and Island Creations That Refute Evolution!

Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon

Lamplighter Audio

These audio dramas are created for the purpose of character building. They are wonderful, and timeless stories put to drama. We have not had the privilege (yet) to hear them all. We are still building our audio library, and plan to include every single Lamplighter drama eventually.

Christian Heroes Then and Now

The Brinkman Adventures

Focus on the Family Audio Dramas

The Word of Promise

These are the NKJV bible put to audio drama. They do a really good job. They only use the words that are in the scripture, and they do a fascinating job with acting it out. It has helped my daughter in understanding passages in a new light. The kids really enjoy these, and often listen to them on Sunday afternoons, after church.


Heirloom Audio and G.A Henty Audio Drama

Pilgrims Progress

Bible Songs For Kids (By Bible Truth Kids)

These are actually songs (hence the name). They have been fantastic in helping my kids memorize verses. I put them on often before bed for my 2 year old, and she wonders around singing verses throughout the day. It’s great! My older kids enjoyed them when they were younger too. In fact, they still learn from them.

1.Bible Songs for Kids #1

2. Bible Songs for Kids#2

3. Bible Songs for Kids#3

4. Bible Songs for Kids #4

5. Bible Songs for Kids #5

6. Bible Songs for Kids #6

7. Bible Songs for Kids #7


Bible Truth Kids Hymns and Spiritual Songs

These are a super resource as well. Again, I have not listened to all of them, but the ones I have listened to are excellent. The kids love listening to hymns and other Bible songs, and the wonderful outcome is that they have learned most words by heart. Next time when you are singing as a congregation at church, they can much more easily join in the worship and sing too.


1. Bible Truth Kids Hymns 

2. Bible Truth Kids Christmas Songs

Patch the Pirate

While traveling on deputation and furlough, we listened to plenty of Patch the Pirate. Their audio combines music and dramatic audio. The whole family enjoyed every adventure we listened to. They are geared toward building character in a fun yet convicting way.

  1. Patch Goes to the Jungle
  2. Ocean Promotion
  3. The Misterslippi River Race
  4. Operation Arctic- Viking Invasion
  5. Kilimanjaro
  6. Camp Kookawacka Woods