The Satisfied Loathe What the Hungry Devour

The full soul loathes an honeycomb,
but to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet.

Just as our physical body loathes food- no matter how delectable- when it is full, our soul also loathes activity that may otherwise be tempting when it too is full.

The honeycomb may represent any variety of things. Anything that is enticing, whether good or bad.

A wise soul fills itself before the pangs of hunger strike. She knows that…

full soul is a safe soul.


A hungry soul is a vulnerable soul.

One who is starved is consumed by the pain her hunger brings. She desires satisfaction at any cost. She is desperate for it.

Like Esau, her hunger overcomes her ability to discern, her ability to make wise choices.

Fulfillment is her primary concern, and she is ready to consume whatever she can find- whether bitter or sweet. At this point, it makes no difference to her.

The satisfied soul loathes those things which the hungry soul devours.

Unfortunately, the hungry soul will find that those bitter things did not provide the satisfaction she anticipated. In fact, their consumption worked a contrary affect- a deeper, insatiable hunger for more.

Until the hungry soul finds the spring, the source of refreshment and satisfaction, her future and fate will remain unchanged. Characterized by this perpetual, insatiable hunger that can only lead to death. Slow, painful, fearful death.

Is your soul safe, or  vulnerable?

Are you finding your fulfillment from the source?
are you starved, and find yourself craving the cheap and bitter things this life offers?

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