Sweet Relationships *** {a book review}

Sweet Relationships is a study  of Titus 2:4-5. It is a practical approach of expounding these verses, complementing biblical truths with examples. She includes word studies which are helpful in our understanding of the roles for us wives and mothers as outlined in Titus 2.

As she discusses our role as a wife, she shares some practical tips on how we can love and bless our husbands. For instance, she gives a specific example about how we can pray for our husbands in a biblical and meaningful way.

She uses biblical comparisons as a medium to enlighten, and admonish toward godly behaviours in the home. There are plenty of these comparisons in the word, and she illustrates some of them to give us a fresh vantage point of the ugliness of our sinful behaviour in contrast to the beauty of godly behaviour.

While encouraging us as mothers in the home, she specifically addresses the weakness of succumbing to anger as we interact with our children. She gives some excellent counsel on achieving victories in this area, and some insight of how anger can often be the cause of hurting mother-child relationships in the home.

As mentioned above, the goal of this book is to primarily provide a bible study. It provides a good, thorough study of Titus 2:4-5.

Though there are some very good tips and some fresh insights, I found much of it to be a bit stale as it addresses a topic and scripture that is very well covered by numerous authors.

I would, however, recommend this book to new believers, or to women who are newly entering the roles discussed in Titus 2. There is certainly much to glean from the study of Titus 2. This book will help you to understand, and apply these truths that are necessary in building sweet and godly relationships both inside, and outside the home.


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