When Sinners Say “I do” ***** {a book review)

“When I find myself walking in the shoes of the worst of sinners I will make every effort to grant my spouse the same lavish grace that God has granted me.”

This book confronts the root cause of all marital conflict, and then discusses biblical solutions with illustrations and practical tips to support the biblical truths presented.

Dave Harvey affectively cuts to the heart, and reminds us the gravity of our personal sin, and the depravity of our own hearts. He gets personal. He addresses our depraved thoughts, the sins only God sees. He reminds us that each one of us truly is, “the chiefest of sinners”, and that

“Our real opponent is not on the opposite side of the bed, but within our hearts. Our enemy is the desires of our flesh that oppose the desires of the spirit. This is the fiercest and only true enemy of our marriage… The cause of our marriage battles, friends, is neither our marriage nor our spouse. It’s the sin in our hearts- entirely, totally, exclusively, without exception.”

The significance of grasping the depth of our personal sin cannot be understated. It fosters personal humility, and demands a need for a saviour. I like how Dave Harvey puts it, and I quote,

“humility is the hidden gift that comes as we see ourselves the worst of sinners.”

When we have the humility to acknowledge our depraved state, we put our self in the position to receive grace. That is a good place to be!

I love how this book builds upon rich theological truths. The author discusses the roles forgiveness, mercy, forbearance, confrontation (and more) play in our marriage. He often uses illustrations that are inspiring and convicting. Along the way, he offers so many practical tips (and self evaluation tips) that I will definitely refer to time and time again in the future. His challenges are convicting. I often found my heart meditating on the truths presented, and then resulting in a zeal to change!

One of the said roles I mentioned above that grace plays in our life is that,

“grace gives us the power to want.”

It could be that you are feeling an indifference to your marital situation. Not only are you not enjoying your relationship as God intended, but you don’t want to. Don’t despair, because

“God has sent grace,-persistent, sanctifying grace! It can work powerfully in you, not simply to call forth dutiful obedience but to make you “zealous for good works” in your marriage.”

Imagine for a moment that zealous, passionate excitement to serve your spouse and to grow your marriage. This is one of the many roles this book reminds us that grace plays in our sanctifying.

I highly recommend this book to all married, as well as to-be-married couples. The truths contained within it’s pages are filled with passion, and the power to revolutionize your marriage.

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